Raise Your Game: Understanding Your Data

  • 14 Oct 2020
  • 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Online
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This event is part of Raise Your Game, a digital skills programme from Creative Edinburgh. Designed for creative freelancers and with a focus on digital tools, data and future-proof working models, it provides the space, confidence and skills required to envision and work toward the next stage of your career.

Whether you attend one workshop or all eight, it's time to take stock, make moves, think forward, and get prepared to Raise Your Game. To find out more about Raise Your Game programme, visit here or explore the full Programme Overview here.

Data can be a catalyst for supporting your business strategies, if you have the skills and understanding on how to derive value and insights to make those strategic decisions. But getting started can sometimes seem daunting. What do we really mean by data? How do I use that to help me make decisions?

Delivered by Effini, this workshop will focus on developing your understanding of what data is and how it can be used to best support your creative business. 

Throughout the session, you'll discuss key concepts and use real world case studies to enable you to see the practical benefits, and ensure you leave with actionable ideas on how you can start developing your own plan to use data.

What will be covered?

  • Understand why data is an asset for the business
  • Gain an understanding of what data is for different types of businesses
  • See how data can be used to drive decision-making
  • Understand some of the common challenges to getting started on a data journey
  • Develop an awareness of privacy and governance in relation to your data
Who are your hosts?

Dr Jo Watts, Founder & CEO, Effini

Jo is an experienced data professional and has worked in data leadership, governance and analytics roles. She’s passionate about improving data literacy and has designed courses and workshops for a broad range of individuals, including schoolchildren and all the way to practising data scientists. She designed and delivered CodeClan’s Data Analysis course.

Sam Rhynas, COO & Head of Data, Effini

With over 20 years’ experience in software engineering and data science, Sam has worked across all sorts of sectors including retail, finance and healthcare. Her goal is to deliver innovative and usable solutions with a focus on data. Tackling customer problems using data science, building tools and defining processes, she ensures they are practical, meaningful and manageable for each client and genuinely solves their problem.

Effini work with SMEs across many diverse sectors, from developing data strategies and carrying out data reviews through to the practical implementation of data pipelines and data science solutions. Throughout these stages, they deliver workshops to support and grow data literacy and skills within the organisations. They work extensively with data-focused start-ups such as Sustainably and Topolytics to ensure they have the correct foundations in place to support them as they grow.

Additional Resources

- A follow up worksheet, session slides + video recording for post-event consultation

- Access to the Digital Space along with all fellow Raise Your Game session attendees, allowing for ongoing peer support

- A Mentor Yourself Toolkit, specially designed for Raise Your Game, offering space to reflect on your session, take notes and make actions

Get In Touch!

Still got questions about this session or the Raise Your Game programme more broadly? Get in touch with the Creative Edinburgh team at info@creative-edinburgh.com.

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